Cosmetic Procedure Videos
(Laser Hair Removal, Vanquish Fat Reduction, etc)

All videos are of actual patients at our Orange County office and any videos or pictures have not been retouched.

The video below demonstrates a Laser Hair Removal treatment on the lower legs performed by our Physician Assistant, Alisa Wang.


The video below offers a brief overview of a Vanquish Fat Reduction treatment at our office.


 The video below demonstrates the Perfect Derma Peel performed by our esthetician, Mary Ann Vaughn.


The video below demonstrates the "spa version" of our Salicylic Acid Peel performed by our esthetician, Mary Ann.


Vanquish Fat Removal

We are now offering Vanquish Permanent Fat Removal! Vanquish is a pain-free, safe & effective way to melt away stubborn areas of fat in the abdominals area (upper & lower), thighs, and lower back.

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